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One Swing Wonder was made in two days by a single developer for the Unreal Engine Feb 2016 game jam.

What Is It ?

One Swing Wonder is a physics mini-golf game taken up a notch. Fantastical world, weird puzzles, difficult shots, and the best part it...the only way to progress is a hole in one.

The game is feature complete, but it's missing a final polish pass for audio/UI, which I'm unable to do this weekend due to other obligations. It does have a complete course (Front and Back 9, 18 total holes) and I'd love to see your scores

What Are The Controls ?

Mouse Controls most of the action. Pan around with the mouse to aim, click once to enter fire mode. A power bar will appear on your screen, when the power bar is at a level you would like, click again to hit the ball.

THE LOOK DIRECTION OF THE MOUSE/CAMERA ALTERS HOW YOU HIT THE BALL! Looking up hits up. This is needed for several shots.

P/Escape - In game menu.

T - Abandons your current ball and Gets you a new ball. If one of your non-controlled balls hit the cup, you still get credit (it's still a hole in one)! So don't hesitate to fire off as many shots as you'd like.
Space Bar - Bunny hop after hitting the ball. Allows you to clear other balls that may be in your way/help on some shots (note that hopping with the ball is not necessary for any shot).

Any Known Issues ?

Normal physics bugs. Ball sometimes explodes/jumps for no reason, clipping can be a problem at high speeds.
The main menu indicates that the number is your best number. It isn't, it's the last number you got. I may fix this if I can find time before the deadline.

Install instructions

Download and run CrackpotGumption_OneSwingWonder exe. Unreal engine will install any missing libraries.

If you would like, you can make the game full screen by pressing Alt+Enter.


CrackpotGumption_OneSwingWonder.zip 151 MB

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